November 24, 2023

MicuraPharm demo center handover of keys

The key to the demo center was ceremoniously handed over to pharmacist Kristina Gand from Mainz. In future, she will produce cup blisters here fully automatically.

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Now that MicuraPharm GmbH has successfully moved into its new company building in June 2023, the next milestone is about to be reached:

In future, under the management of pharmacist Kristina Gand from the Rathaus-Apotheke Mainz-Finthen, the first fully automated system

for patient-specific blistering will be operated in the MicuraPharm demo center.

The D³ Daily Dose Dispenser from KNAPP was developed in collaboration with the logistics company from Graz

and will be delivered in 2024. The prototype has already moved into the demo center in Klein-Winternheim.

"With this innovation, we are revolutionizing the individual supply of medication

chronically ill patients," summarizes CEO Edgar Mähringer-Kunz

at the key handover ceremony.

The blister packaging process has become a major challenge for pharmacies, particularly in view of the increasing number of patients who require an individual medication plan. "The D³ Daily Dose Dispenser manages the pills itself. The medication remains in its original blister until it is immediately filled," says CEO Edgar Mähringer-Kunz, adding, "The system does all of this at high speed and with maximum safety." The individual work steps are automatically checked and documented in the system. The smallest version of the D³ Daily Dose Dispenser from KNAPP can be operated by one operator and can produce up to 1,500 weekly blisters. Thanks to its modularity, up to 4,500 patients can be supplied with weekly blisters with a single system.

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From left to right: Pharmacist Kristina Gand, MicuraPharm CEO Edgar Mähringer-Kunz and State Secretary Petra Dick-Walther

This allows the D³ Daily Dose Dispenser to adapt to the growth of the pharmacy. For Kristina Gand and her mother Josefine Kros, who run a total of six pharmacies under the name Apothekenfamilie Mainz, the fully automated blister packaging system heralds a new era.

In the future, she will be able to supply several thousand patients via the demo center. The 213 m² site in Klein-Winternheim houses the D³ Daily Dose Dispenser with two production lines. From the delivery of medication to the production of patient blister packs and delivery, the entire process is carried out from the demo center.