The D³ Daily Dose Dispenser by KNAPP

- the future of patient specific blistering

To this day, filling pharmaceuticals not only involves a laborious process, but also poses enormous risks for pharmacists and healthcare professionals.

Tablet abrasion, cross-contamination and changing stability data are the three biggest risks.

The D³ Daily Dose Dispenser now brings to market an automation solution that is unique to date and can process tablets in their original blister. 

Previous deblistering of the tablets is no longer necessary. The original blisters are checked at every step in production, and the ejection of the individual tablets is electronically monitored several times. The result: no cross-contamination, no handling of open tablets.

Safe, customized and adaptable

Learn about the advantages of the D³ Daily Dose Dispenser by KNAPP

With only one pharmaceutical professional, the D³ Daily Dose Dispenser can be operated, saving resources.

The modularity of the system allows up to 4,500 patients to be served. Our D³ Daily Dose Dispenser thus adapts to the growth of your pharmacy.

Easy and safe handling of the cup blisters gives patients back their quality of life and ensures a correct supply of medication.

Maximum quality - From the original blister to the finished weekly blister, every step is automatically checked and documented.

A new approach to blistering

Simpler, safer, and more efficient - this is what tomorrow's medication supply will look like. Our newly developed cup blisters are designed to meet the needs of pharmacies, caregivers and patients.
Easy-to-separate cups with a user-friendly design, batch and expiry date tracking, and maximum hygiene - these are just some of the advantages of our innovative blister.