May 22, 2024

PflegePlus Trade Fair in Stuttgart

At this year's trade fair, MicuraPharm presented its 7x5 cup blister for the first time and talked to nursing staff about future prospects in the field of blister packaging.

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Tube or card? This is a question that can certainly raise a few eyebrows in pharmacies, care homes and outpatient care services.

Because in the day-to-day work of many pharmacists and nursing staff, preparing tablets still involves considerable effort.


More time for patients, more safety when administering tablets and more opportunities to plan for spontaneous medication changes -


The list of requirements for how the blister packaging process should be designed today could be extended by many points.

At the PflegePlus trade fair in Stuttgart, MicuraPharm presented its 7x5 cup blister and met with specialists,

trainees and nursing home managers about current work processes and future prospects.

Although the time factor is a determining constant in everyday working life, many nurses particularly miss the clear and comprehensible handling of medication. Especially for trainees and young nursing staff, a clear assignment of the medication schedule is a decisive help.  

If a patient's medication changes at short notice, there is often a lack of adjustment options. The resealable cups of the MicuraPharm blister, on the other hand, offer simple and flexible handling.

You would like to convert your system to 7x5 cup blisters?

Our team will be happy to assist you with your decision and send you a customized offer.